The history of the vineyard

Located on the heights of Nice, 10 minutes from the shores of the mythical Baie des Anges, the Domaine de Toasc is a lovely family wine estate in the heart of the Bellet appellation.
This 8-hectare vineyard, located in the “Toasc” area, was built in 1992 by Mr Bernard Nicoletti. An entrepreneur from Nice and a major figure in the development of the Côte d’Azur, he restructured the vineyard in order to produce authentic wines faithful to the Belletan terroir.

After a long work of terracing the restanques and planting endemic grape varieties, the winegrower presented his first vintage in 2000 under the range “Lou vin d’Aqui”, IGP Alpes-Maritimes wines from young vines. He entrusted the creation of the label to his friend, the local artist Ben.
He has a very personal style with singular wines that already stand out: modern and original.

Eager to produce wines that express the Belletane typicity, he produces the Domaine de Toasc range: three colours in AOC Bellet, fresh, intense wines that reflect the singularity of the terroir.

Alain Valles joins the team and takes charge of the vines and vinification. Formerly in charge of operations at the Abbaye de Lérins on the island of Saint Honorat, he quickly developed a passion for these typical wines with a strong character.
A passionate self-taught man, he accompanied the conversion of the estate to organic farming in 2013 and put his knowledge and sense of detail to work in the vineyard.

In 2019, the Domaine de Toasc is entrusted to the owner of Château de Crémat.

The wines, tours and events are now managed and marketed by the Château de Crémat team, who help visitors and wine lovers discover the complexity and richness of the Bellet appellation.