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Red 2018Domaine de Toasc , Rouge AOP Bellet 2018


Red 2018

Domaine de Toasc , Rouge AOP Bellet 2018

Unit price : 19.00 €

  • Grapes varieties : 70% Folle noire 30% Grenache
  • Age of the vines : 25years
  • Performance : 30hl/hec
  • Harvest : manual
  • Method of vinification : The wine is vinified in stainless steel vats then matured for 12 months in half-muid barrels of 1,2 and 3 wines
  • Total Acidity :
  • Ph :
  • Residual sugar :
  • Alcohol : 13.5%
  • Color : very light
  • Smell : A wine with a smoky side followed by a delicate cherry scent .
  • Taste : surprising because of its substance, this wine attacks on fresh and light fruit with a pronounced licorice finish on the finish.
  • Tasting advice :

    -Grilled red mullet from Nice,
    -avocado salad with salmon