AOC BELLET WINE : THE DOMAINE DE TOASC located in the heart of Bellet vineyards in the hillside above Nice and the Riviera.

Domaine de Toasc: 213 Chemin de Crémat - 06200 Nice - France - Phone: + 33 4 92 15 14 14 Fax: + 33 4 92 15 14 00

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Bellet wines,

Vines and olive trees, with wheat form the inseparable trilogy of the Mediterranean agricultural

If the wheat, still insufficient to feed the people of Nice, was never able to enrich them, the wine and olive Bellet Nice are all the nobility, reputation and wealth of our soil for over two thousand years since the Greeks introduced them here.

Christianity came by, and as always in Nice, made a partnerhip with the vine protector, Saint Vincent, celebrated January 22.
TWO SAINTS VINCENT : There is no doubt that that day, all Christendom celebrated the St. Vincent of Spain, martyred in 304 in Valencia, who became the patron saint of winemakers, probably because one of the punishments that it was inflicted to him was to extend him on a bed of broken bottles. But it turns out that Nice, or rather Cemenelum, also claims a St. Vincent, in fact, inseparable companion of his martyrdom, Orontes.

It is the historian Pierre Gioffredo Nice (1629-1692) who relates this legend: Our St. Vincent de Cimiez became the patron saint of winemakers because, when washed the bones of two martyrs and placed in a reliquary, water turned into blood, which equates the ritual wine during the consecration. This tradition continues each January 22, in the land of Bellet, proud of the quality of its production.

The early nineteenth century marked the most prosperous period of the vineyard since it covered more than 1 000ha. In 1834, it was a significant export product. Several pests have threatened with extinction. But the courage of winemakers, attached to their local wine, should be awarded the rank of Bellet wine "appellation d'origine contrôlée" (AOC) in 1941.


The Bellet's Appellation covers approximately 650 ha, with 50 ha really in operation. On the slopes of the foothills of the Alps at an altitude between 200 and 300 meters, it is entirely in the territory of the town of Nice in the Alpes-Maritimes.

In the middle of the Mediterranean region, this vineyard enjoys the sun (about 2700 hours per year), the rains (800 mm per year) and a special microclimate due to its altitude and the winds (mistral and north wind) blowing almost constantly in the valley. This feature allows a climate of slow maturation necessary for the freshness and elegance of white and rosé wines. The vines are rooted in narrow boards called Restanca or faïsses made ​​of pebbles, mixed with a light colored sand (Poudingue) with some clay veins.

These excellent conditions favor the expression and full ripeness of the grapes in the harmony of red wines. The decree of the appellation allows a number of grape varieties. Some of them are typically from Nice, as Rolle, essential grape variety for whit wine from the appellation (80 to 90 %), Folle Noire (or "Fouàla negro" so named for its variation of productivity from one year to the other, grape variety for red and pink), or Braquet, the only grape variety giving his name to a local familly (unless it's the opposite). Others are more common, such as Chardonnay (white grape variety), Grenache or Cinsault (red and pink mediterranean grape varieties). Their handpicking is starting end of september.
COMPANIONS TO TASTE REFINED have a deep, sparkling and lively dress that does not tarnish with time. Characterized by pear and white flower nose with light touches of flint, they are sappy and bold wines that age beautifully and can provide exceptional bottles with toasted almonds and quince nose and a length in amazing mouth. Dry and fruity, they can use cool but not beaten, as an aperitif or to accompany fish.

THE WINE ROSE when they are drawn from Braquet, have nice soft colors with soft golden highlights. Their delicate bouquet dominant wild rose and wild rose blends harmoniously with the flexibility and finesse of these wines and Sappy gouleyants.Vins summer and sun, they use at a temperature of 10-11 °. They accompany every meal of Mediterranean cuisine, exotic and Nice, especially stockfish.

RED WINES have an intense ruby color with tones. Braquet and the Folle Noire give them powerful wild rose aromas with hints of spice and pepper, or even pine if they are aged in barrels. In a rare delicacy, they age well, with noble and varied bouquet of candied fruit.

Constituting excellent guard wines, they are worthy of the best wines. They can be served fresh (15-16 °) when they are young and chambered when they reach full maturity. They go perfectly with the tasty meats or light sauces and small game birds. They also enjoy with cheeses such as Tomme Roquebillière.
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Domaine de Toasc: 213 Chemin de Crémat - 06200 NICE -  FRANCE - Phone : + 33 4 92 15 14 14 Fax: + 33 4 92 15 14 00

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